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The night was never meant for the meek. It belongs to a bold breed. Together lets dive in, seeking adventures un-toned.

Excelsior started in the year 2016, by our MD Miss Kiran Grewal, who got trained under the guidance of Mr. Sukesh Khanna in Business traditions.

After finishing her education in the field of advertising and journalism, Kiran never really wanted to do a normal 9-5 job as any other corporate cog in an MNC. She always wanted to have something of her own. However, coming from a defense background, she didn’t really have the expertise to do so. So after finishing off her training for a year in a leading sales agency within Mumbai she decided to start her own plantation of the same. As she took the road less travelled by, also came along the very many exhilarating experiences of any and every startup. But hey, no pain no gain.

Know About The MD

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I was originally born in Mumbai in the Navy Cant but never really stayed in the city. I moved around a lot with my family due to my dad’s service with the country. Coming to my educational qualification, talking has always been my forte so I studied advertising and journalism. After getting trained in one of the leading sales and marketing companies in Mumbai I set out to start my own in the year 2016. Being in the service industry we completely believe in the fact that - ‘Customer is the King’. We at Excelsior constantly strive to create high-quality sales and customer retention programs. With the right systems in place we provide unparalleled results to our clients.

This company was started with the vision to pass on the same opportunity of being able to run singular businesses to budding entrepreneurs and young guns with similar mindsets. As the name suggests, Excelsior is all about looking out for solutions in all the sorts of situations, as every dark cloud has a silver lining. Also, like I mentioned earlier, since I travelled a lot during my childhood, it has helped me in exploring newer avenues always. Hence, here in Excelsior we believe in learning through travelling to different places and exploring newer markets which resulted in the whole concept of road trips and our unique Trainee Exchange Programs. I welcome you to our organization, and if you think our frequencies of thoughts match, do apply. All in all, this is one place where you can BE SOMETHING MORE.